The DigitalPMO PowerPPM solution works entirely within your own Microsoft Office 365 environment. You might be reading this and thinking…. what does this even mean? Let us try to explain.
PowerPPM is the software that will help you run and maintain your portfolio, program or project. This can be installed and configured in your organizations Office365 environment. This keeps all data safe within your own organization, and the data remains yours at all times for security compliance.
As PowerPPM is not standalone software, instead being built on Office365, this allows seamless integration with a lot of the major applications that your team already uses! This provides a single source of truth and removes the need for fragmented information that is often out of date. More information on the Microsoft capabilities are available on the ‘Software‘ page.
Our PMO analysts have extensive experience and are fully trained in the use of PowerPPM.
As a result, they are able to accommodate and maintain all PMO processes and activities in PowerPPM. This can be for the entire project organization or temporarily for a large program or project.
Just like our digital solution, our analysts are very flexible. They can assist you with:


  • Setup and ongoing optimization of PowerPPM environment
  • Supporting PMO activities within your project or program
  • Configuring changes to the solution. e.g. New reporting feature
  • Help you optimize project governance and investigate new methodologies
Can be installed as quickly as 1 hour!
How the PowerApp installation works
Start with a Pilot!
Before you get too invested in a tool you want to see how it works and see how it would best fit your organization. What better way to start, than by running a pilot for 2 months to see all of the amazing capabilities on offer.

1. Understand Strategy & Vision

Before implementing a new PPM solution it is good to understand the business strategy and vision. During a workshop we gain more understanding and define the acceptance criteria for the pilot.

2. Discover Challenges & Opportunities

Set a baseline of the current maturity level will help in reaching the optimal level of performance to maximize the value of the investment. Based on that understanding, a realistic view can be outlined in what can be achieved.

3. Install & Configure PowerPPM

Basic installation of PowerPPM will be completed and configured based on input collected in previous steps. Afterwards, multiple workshops will be planned to tailor it to specific needs and to answer questions.

4. Review & Plan

After two months the pilot and findings will be reviewed together. Next steps can be planned to embed PowerPPM wider into your project organization.